Devil's delight

United Kingdom – Home of the Queen, Punjabi rappers & recently Indian billionaires on a spree.

Vijay Mallya has been grabbing many headlines lately. This time albeit for trying to pay up his loans. With his last statement out that he was always keen to clear his loans. This swift change of heart for an arrogant man like him is a bit mysterious.

He somehow reminds me of the movie ‘Raju Chacha’. It’s a movie about kids who become orphans and are placed under the custody of their evil relatives. There is a scene in it where the kids are starving and sitting on the breakfast table awaiting their meal. Now this is no ordinary table, it has a button controlled toy train running along the periphery of the table with it's carriages containing breakfast. Quite an elitist way to have breakfast indeed.

As soon as the kids try to take breakfast their uncle presses the button and thereby ensuring the train moves ahead and the kids get nothing. Vijay Mallya is indeed like that evil uncle. The only difference he leaves his creditors and employees starving of cash.

Vijay Mallya has been charged for misuse of funds and nonpayment of his Rs 9,000 crore dues. In the coming days, there are good chances that he might get declared as a “fugitive economic offender” by the court. Which does sound like a very preposterous title within itself. Somehow “Mera Baap Chor Hai” sounds better than “Mera Baap Fugitive Economic Offender Hai”.