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                                RAHUL BATRA

The author has been a writer of humourous articles since his childhood days(which are sadly about to end in a few years from now).In case you want to get in touch with him feel free to write a mail to (P.S Don't forget to write "Billionaire's daughter seeks matrimonial alliance" in the subject line in case you seek a response from him.) He is a chartered accountant & colours Ms Excel sheets for a living.He currently writes humour columns for India Today (a leading media conglomerate in India). Besides glorious lifetime achievements like coming second place in lemon & spoon race in kindergarten, he has also been voted as India's top 5 humour bloggers by BlogAdda (India's leading blogger community).



He is extremely active on Facebook & can be reached unless he owes you some money. Being an intellectual thinker since birth, he doesn't ponder over trivial questions like "Who came first the chicken or the egg? " till the time he is served his Tandoori Chicken on time.

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