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Disgusted employee dangerously close to quitting his job

Team leader, Mr Manoj of Right Point Consulting recently made a firm decision regarding his job.As per sources he was frustrated with the work environment and stressful job coupled with lack of recognition.

“I am not joking out here. If things don’t change in 20 years from now, I am simply mailing my resignation letter and will never return back even if they beg me to. It's reached a level that I cannot simply tolerate my incompetent boss. I had joined the company with a lot of aspirations and it just took them a mere decade to crush my ambition. I have been doing the same menial job since so long without any promotion.Even after putting in such hardwork and going out of my way to sabotage instructions given by my boss, humiliation is all I can expect from them.”

At press time, Mr Manoj was seen guiding a new joinee on how to rise up the career ladder at Right Point Consulting.


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