Lockdown 2020- Till boredom do us apart

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PM Modi Covid-19 speech -Source

With the Covid-19 television addresses by Mr Modi, I think a part of me is genuinely quite inquisitive as to what the next group activity is going to be. We are already done with banging utensils and lighting lamps. I mean for all you know, next could be making TikTok videos or doing cartwheels like that Sundrop Oil kid in the advertisement.

Considering the free time most people have nowadays, many channels have unleashed old shows from their archives and have also boosted their TRP ratings in doing so.

Before Doordarshan relaunched old shows, we were stuck between legendary classics Apmaan ki Aag and South film Don No 1. Watching either of which could lead to suicidal tendencies or at least deep introspection about your planetary existence.

A still from Ramayana TV series- Source

Watching Ramayana again over the past few weeks has sparked some critical questions which I didn’t quite think of as a kid.

In the first episode itself, how does Lord Ram go from newborn to a grown-up man so soon? With all due respect,

Why does Jatayu look so demotivated while flapping his wings? Did he not receive his paycheque in time?

Also, I have noticed a trend that whenever one character is plotting against the other one, there is this particular background score they play, so as audiences, we know something fishy is going on. When you come to think of it, this makes day-to-day living so simple. You don’t need to do any of the friend-or-foe guesswork. Would be such a boon if we could have this in personal and corporate life too. For all you know, in an alternate universe, maybe my grocery guy is an assassin in disguise and plotting against me for not bringing exact change.

The other good thing that transpired through the show was really how they address each other with an avalanche of adjectives. Hope to take a lesson or two from it before returning to the office: