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It was a cold Wednesday morning and like most people I went online to check up on the news. To primarily check on global happenings and also if my company has been acquired by Reliance Jio as yet. Am I officially part of the Jio family?

I was almost about to start plucking rose petals, “Mota bhai loves me. He loves me not”. Just then I stumbled upon an intriguing piece of news, which boldly stated that India has been crowned as Asia’s most corrupt nation according to a report by corruption watchdog, Transparency International.

As a patriotic Indian my immediate reaction was that this has to be a conspiracy hatched by Pakistan, China or it could even be Papua New Guinea. Basically, anyone is to be blamed but ourselves.

As per the report, India’s bribery rate stands at 39 percent. Also, fifty percent of people who paid bribes were directly asked for a bribe. When you come to think of it this is a fairly encouraging figure, at least people are not left guessing whether to bribe or not.

Further on the report stated that thirty-two percent of people who used personal connections agreed that they would not have got access to public services had they not used them. This is pure networking. Many of the connections we form as humans are merely for some sort of future gain. Like for example in a flight if you observe an elderly couple striking up a conversation with you and being ultra-curious about your life and overtly friendly, there is a good chance that they are merely judging you at the back of their mind for your suitcase carrying abilities.It’s just that you don’t really realise that you are the one being interviewed out there.

I recollect the simpler times we used to live in the early nineties. when the Indian economy had not really opened up to globalisation. At that time and it was sort of every non-resident Indian’s duty to smuggle in all sorts of foreign branded goods for loved ones back home. Even if one had to wear six watches over your wrists in flights it was socially acceptable.

As John F Kennedy once said, "Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.". Quite evidently he would have not come across NRIs packing for a trip to India wherein luggage weight was directly proportional to your patriotism or the