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India salutes spirit of local shopper amidst coronavirus pandemic

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, people across India are being proactive by stocking groceries in preparation for the looming lockdown.

Lata, a regular shopper at D-mart, expressed her anguish at the situation “It’s simply atrocious that had to make do with Maggi Cheese Pasta instead of the usual Maggi Masala Pasta. It’s not just about a lunch. It’s more about the feeling about being helpless in the face of adversity. If being a superpower doesn’t give you the choice to choose your favourite heat & eat packs, to hell with it.”

Her neighbour Mrs Sujata while applauding Lata said “Lata stands as an inspiration to our society. In the coming days many such miraculous stories of sheer courage will come up. It truly takes a big heart to sacrifice your needs above for the nation’s. She is without doubt a patriotic and selfless hero. God bless her!”

Local shop owner Mr Biswas stated “Since the recent government’s announcement on the lockdown our store has had an unprecedented rush. Most of our supplies get over in a couple of hours after stocking. It’s only a one-day lockdown but the panic buying is as if it’s the apocalypse. There is no logic to this. Goddamit, how many MDH Chana Masala packs is reasonable for a family’s survival ? 10? 20?. I mean god forbid even if you are destined to die, the least you can do is leave your surviving family members with something more useful than a truckload of masala packets.”

Twitter was abuzz celebrating Lata’s daredevil act with hashtags such as #FighterSpirit #CoronaCourage #NationFirst

At press time, Lata was spotted scolding shop as to Surf Easy wash a Surf Quick Wash powder were completely different and cannot be used interchangeably.

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