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Kind hearted CEO reassures worried employees that they are one big family before laying off half the

CEO of Vision Technologies Mr Ravi recently reached out to his employees via videoconference

“Friends, we all have been affected at some level by the Covid-19 pandemic.Let the whole world know that we are one big family. You guys know when it comes to protecting family, I am willing to go to any length.

Over the years our family has grown from 5 employees to 300 employees currently. Which is why I will be laying off some of you folks...150 of you to be precise.

As your leader, let me reassure you that in these turbulent times I am taking all steps in my capacity to ensure that this company goes bankrupt my by own decisions before it does due to coronavirus.

We will certianly not let a random invisible virus break our spirits as our company gallops towards insolvency. ”

At press time, CEO was seen negotiating prices for a private jet. When confronted by press, he stated

“Just to be clear out here, it’s only and only the love of my employees which will fuel this jet and nothing else”

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