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Human superpowers mostly limited to sniffing clothes

People across the nation unanimously agreed that human superpowers mostly limited to sniffing clothes to determine if they are washed or not.

Citizens also felt that with rising costs of living this superpower may quite as well be the only legacy they pass on to their kids.

Rakesh added "'Sniffing clothes is the only 'me time' I get actually. It's good to unwind after a long day at work and sniff clothes while guessing how long they have been dirty. Each cloth comes with its own aura. Also I can tell from my fairly extensive experience that no two towels or smell the same. I also enjoy the smell of petrol among other things. However for this hobby I don't need to step out of my house, all I need to do is to stick my face into the laundry bag. It doesn't get easier than this guys."


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