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Indigo Airlines launches new service-Indigo Assurance

At a recent press conference held at a five star hotel in Mumbai, Indigo airlines announced its brand new customer offering named “Indigo Assurance”. As part of the service, by paying only a nominal amount of Rs 500 while booking their flight, Indigo crew members will ensure that subscribers to this service will not be used as human shield by terrorists in case of a hijack.

CEO Mr Singh stated that as a budget airline, giving value for money to clients is the only choice. “Our cabin crew are well trained to handle such situations and will negotiate with terrorists on behalf of Indigo Assurance subscribers”. He added that “travel insurance is passé, and yet again with this new service Indigo has set the industry customer service benchmarks a notch higher.”.

Indian aviation minister congratulated Indigo airlines on this maverick move and said “It’s always inspiring to see corporates adding to the top line by playing on people insecurities.I am sure they will give insurance companies a run for their money. ”


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