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Corporate retreat gives employees opportunity to develop deeper grudges against one other

Cross Point analytics recently sent their top performers to a week long corporate retreat at a plush beach resort.

“I think besides camaraderie it gave us the room for a lot of deep introspection. You know like now I am certain that Priya from marketing doesn’t only sound like a bitch over phone but she actually even is in person. ” acknowledged Sheila from sales support team.

“The team building exercises were great. Fine the CEO might be making thirty times my salary, but in the annals of history it shall be noted that I was the one that totally crushed him and his ego in that sack race ” said Saket, an assistant sales manager.

“Holy shit! For spending this kind of money on retreats just to build team synergies, I believe sending out warning letters could have achieved the exact results overnight for practically no cost” acknowledged Shrikant, the finance head.

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