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Research shows 40% of all purchases done only to avoid salesmen staring at you

Researchers at the prestigious management institution IIM-Ahmedabad recently declared results of their three year long research on consumer studies.

Mr Shashidhar, a senior professor at the institute announced “As per our findings, we can statistically prove that 40% of purchases done globally in shopping malls are done only to avoid sales staff staring at you for a prolonged manner"

Sales manager Mr Kapoor stated “It’s always been our endeavour to deliver a first class experience to our shoppers .You see this myth that consumers always makes an informed choice is simply bogus. We constantly train our staff to choose their targets carefully. I believe its our duty to convert consumer response from ‘that looks like an interesting product but do I really need it?" to “ya okay leave me alone.Give me five of those.”

Avid shopper Mr Shubham reacted “Isn’t it already enough that I am a jerk to my family members. Or do I need to be a jerk to sales staff too. Simply high societal expectations I tell you. ”

Another shopper, Ms Geeta added “Its always comforting to know that some salesperson is always lurking in the aisle giving cold stares and judging me for all my life choices.Not creepy at all. Feels just like home ”


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