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Recruiter declares that the perfect job is available probably you are not just white enough for the

Addressing graduates of St James college, local recruitment manager Matt David triumphantly declared "the perfect job is available probably you are not just white enough for the role".

He added, "Your CV is your pitch.Also there is no such thing as a perfect C.V. It's all a myth.You guys would like to think that we recruiters bother reading every line of your resume and finally zero down candidates.I bet you all are very proud of your past achievements, but guess what five seconds is all that I give per resume.We give each candidate a fair chance. Don't get me wrong. It's not that you are ugly, it's just that coincidentally only the most beautiful ones make it to the final cut.I always say having good qualifications is nice but a pretty face is even better."

"Companies nowadays really want to see what you really bring to the table besides morning coffee for the big boss.Networking is key to land your next role.Which brings me to my next question, Should you befriend strangers people only for your selfish career progression motives and ignore them when they need you. The answer is yes!. Interviews are the next big battle.Flatter the interviewer with praises about the company and how inspired you are by it's culture.Best case scenario- they hire you. Worst case scenario- just another human that thinks you are a prick.So you see the odds aren't quite bad."

"So all I would say is that remain positive for the future, whatever is left of it before artificial intelligence renders you unemployed.Have faith in yourself, and most importantly in your boss' world domination plans.I wish you all a prosperous life ahead." Matt concluded.


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