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HR research points out employee morale levels rapidly rise seeing colleague having a bad day at work

As per a recent research report published by leading journal HR Chronicle, employee morale levels rise almost instantaneously seeing a fellow co worker getting destroyed by his superiors. Researchers believe that it is psychologically uplifting seeing colleagues in a worst state than you are.

Report also acknowledges that having a positive workplace may have a favourable effect on work productivity temporarily however occasionally observing colleagues having a workplace burnout can contribute to the long-term emotional wellbeing of the workforce.

HR veteran Mr Abraham commented on the report “The findings are indeed alarming. As the Global HR Head of my company, it’s always been my passion to ensure employee interests come first in everything that we do as a corporate. So given a choice, if I have to ensure ruin the day of some people for the benefit of all the people, it’s a gamble that I am ready and very enthusiastic to take.”

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