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Amazon employees welcome the introduction of weeping breaks at work

Speaking at a global HR event, David Collins (Vice President-HR), “At Amazon we firmly believe in setting new standards for the industry. Our employees are our backbone and we care deeply about their emotional and physical well being. We have recently launched complimentary weeping breaks for our staff. Now onwards employees can take a break of 5 minutes every 3 hours and weep on their work station. All this for free- no questions asked.”

He added “Over the coming months, you will hear more such initiatives. In fact recently we had organized the bring your kids to work day. Always a nice feeling to interact with the next generation of slaves, until of course we automate and wipe out their career aspirations one day with help of our algorithms.Oh boy! You should have seen their faces watching their dads getting humiliated by their supervisors for not fulfilling their orders on time.”

Michael an Amazon employee, stated “It’s heartening to know that someone at the top really cares for us. Last week I was issued a warning letter for taking 2 extra minutes while at the loo. But you see, it’s these small touches by HR that really go a long way in keeping our spirits alive.”

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