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Zara clothing launches collection dedicated to unpaid garment workers

Global fashion retailer Zara recently announced its new annual collection dedicated to unpaid garment workers.Global design head Mr Mark stated “We have aptly titled the collection as ‘expressions’ and this unique collection is poised to woo our loyal fan base further.You will find handcrafted written notes asking for help personally woven within the fabric by our unpaid workers slogging it out in our sweatshops in India, Bangladesh, Indonesia etc.”

Chief business strategy officer Mr Richard responded saying “Each piece of garment will now tell it’s own story. Over the coming few months you will get to read authentic and assorted first hand accounts of corporate induced human misery. This collection is just like those Kinder Joy Surprise Chocolate Eggs ofcourse without the chocolate egg and joy. You know some worker might be struggling to put their kids through school, someone might be in need of chronic medical help. Isn’t it just so adorable, reading stories about human adversity.”

Responding to media allegations of labour exploitation, Ms Sabrina,Group HR head was quick to add “All the reports floating in the public domain are misleading the masses. At Zara we believe employees are at the centre of everything we do.We are all one big loving family. So much so that we have even launched thoughtful initiatives such as 'Bring your grandpa for work month'. Now tell me isn't it endearing see three generations of a family putting in hard labour to increase our shareholder value.

After all we are not as harsh as Amazon to scare employees with the threat of robots. We scare them with workers available at cheaper rates than them.Our competitors are simply jealous of our liberal mindset you see"

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