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Pros and cons of office medical checkup camps


  • Helps employees indulge in competitive rivalry comparing body mass index than salaries.

  • Studies show humans achieve peak satisfaction levels pondering over miseries of others.

  • Helps managers calculate how much mileage they can get from their subordinates.

  • Effective camouflage for hospital patient leads generation.

  • Well-deserved promotion for insurance company actuary after designing kick ass equation, while betting on the demise of millions of fellow mortals

  • Employees unanimously agreeing that life is unpredictable and #YOLO (You Only Live Once) while subsequently carrying on with their lives as usual.


  • Reported increase in sightings of a bright halo surrounding health freaks due to new found moral high ground.

  • Gives demotivated medical trainees delusion that they are making valuable contributions to the society.

  • Colossal decline of multinational F&B chains due to citizens making informed choices, like opting for low fat syrup over two layers of whipped cream on their coffee.

  • Unsolicited judgmental looks from colleagues while biting into some warm crispy fried chicken.

  • Employees exploring their inherent creativity by fantasizing about inedible vegetable juices they can formulate to make their life more miserable than it is.

  • Employees introduced to alien terms such as ‘work life balance’ before succumbing to the adrenaline rush of job security and pending EMI payments.

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